Owner Relations

Ownership Change Guide

The chart below can be used to determine documents required by PNG for ownership changes. PNG reserves the right to require additional information to complete any changes or transfers. Please allow 60 days for processing as PNG works correspondence in the order in which it is received.

Name Change
Owner Information Change Form
Copy of Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree reinstating maiden name or other
official document affecting name change
Change of Address Owner Information Change Form
Sale of Interest
Conveyance recorded in the Parish/County where the property is located
W-9 Form for the new owner
Death of Owner
Death Certificate
Probate documents, if applicable (Please contact an attorney in your area for assistance)
W-9 Form for each heir
Ownership Change due to Divorce
Final Divorce Decree
Conveyance recorded in the Parish/County where the property is located
Transfer to a Trust
Recorded Deed into the Trust
Trust Agreement or Certificate of Trust naming the Trustees and their authorization
EIN Form from IRS or W-9 for Trust
Trust/Partnership is Dissolved
Dissolution of Trust or Partnership
Recorded Deed to the beneficiary
W-9 for the new owner
Change in Trustee Document where Successor Trustee was appointed
Appointment of Guardian or Power of Attorney Notarized copy of Guardianship Letter or Power of Attorney
Company or Corporation Name Change or Merger
Certificate of Name Change or Certificate of Merger
W-9 Form


Documents may be submitted via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via mail:
Paloma Natural Gas Attn: Owner Relations 801 Louisiana Street, Suite 700 Houston, Texas 77002